A New Approach

At Airworks we have a truly modern marketing tool. Harnessing the sense of heritage, quality and sophistication that a hot air balloon evokes, we bring ballooning into the 21st Century. Everyone notices when there is a balloon in the sky, but now they not only look, they take pictures on phones and cameras and within moments your brand is posted across a huge variety of social media as people upload these images. With our expertise we can help your business maximize this vast advertising potential.

We believe our product is second to none. To ensure maximum broadcast and online coverage we offer high quality press kits. These can include web-friendly, bite-sized video inserts of the balloon and key players from the brand talking direct to camera.

With a wealth of experience in corporate hospitality, we know the value of creating the right impression. We take pride in designing luxurious pre and post-flight environments. From beautiful VIP chill out areas to custom made champagne flight terminals, the only limit to what we can create for you is your imagination.