About Us

Airworks Worldwide was founded by
James Palmer and Brian Smith

The combination of James’ background in corporate marketing and Brian’s unrivalled experience in aviation has led to the creation and success of Airworks.


The Crew

To ensure a seamless ride, from conception to landing we employ a first class crew!

James Palmer

Chief Operating Officer

James is responsible for the daily operations and business development of Airworks Worldwide. He works with clients to develop and deliver their marketing programmes from concept to landing.

Brian Smith

Chief Pilot

Brian is responsible for all the regulatory, training, standard and aviation aspects of Airworks and for all crew and technical operations. His knowledge of the hot air ballooning and aviation world is unrivalled.

Sada Ray

Account Manager

Sada is responsible for the daily and ongoing liaison with clients. She works with them to plan and create their programmes, and is responsible for its delivery on the ground. Sada provides an extraordinary amount of creativity and organisational ability having worked in the theatre production and luxury catering industry for many years.

Heidi Lang

Marketing Consultant

As well as overseeing marketing for Airworks, Heidi works with clients to deliver their vision for a successful experiential marketing programme. Having worked in sponsorship and event marketing for over 25 years, she brings a wealth of experience ensuring that a brand maximises its value and visibility from any marketing activity.

Alex Farrant

Operations Manager

Alex is responsible for all aspects of technical flight operations including maintenance, crew, transport, records, registration, routes, equipment, licensing and safety. Alex also works as our UK in house hot air balloon pilot and has been flying hot air balloons for 8 years.

Daniel Frougi

IT Logistics & Support Manager

Daniel provides Airworks with IT and technical support across all areas of communications and operations including safety and GPS tracking. An engineering graduate, he also has a background in fixed wing flight simulation product and design.

To find out more about how you can help your brand to rise above the rest, call us on:
(+44) 01403 700 879 or email us at hello@airworksworldwide.com

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