What We Offer

Airworks Worldwide offers a fully comprehensive service including concept creation, design, production, transport, logistics, piloting, crews, and hospitality.

We will work with a brand to design and deliver an aerial marketing programme that will meet their specific needs across the entire marketing mix.


Concept to Delivery

Whether you simply want to use a hot air balloon for hospitality purposes or build an entire experiential marketing programme around ballooning, we can help you to plan and deliver those goals.

We will work with your in-house teams and agencies to maximise your opportunities for leverage including promotions, point of sales activity, advertising, PR and and business to business marketing.

We can build you anything from a fully customised special shape balloon designed to represent your brand in glorious 3D, to a standard balloon carrying your brand’s logo.

In essence, the sky is quite literally the limit and we’d love to take you there!

Activity options include but are not limited to:

*A fully branded hot air balloon event or tour tailored to deliver specific goals – these don’t have to be hot air balloon events and might include sporting events or festivals.
A focal point for a product launch or media event including night glows for impact, balloon rides for media and VIPs or special ‘stunt’ flights to suit your brief.
A fully integrated marketing programme including advertising and promotional activity – we can provide technical expertise to ensure you maximise the opportunity available to you.
Your own tailor-made branded hot air balloon event, perhaps linked to a cause or charity.
**A tethered balloon for hospitality and entertainment purposes – a balloon can be tethered pretty much anywhere, even the top of a building. This enables people to experience the uniqueness of a hot air balloon flight wherever you want them to.
**The basis of a viral and social media campaign designed to deliver your specific goals – hot air ballooning and social media are quite simply a match made in heaven, delivering exception reach and engagement.

Design and Production

We work with the most trusted manufacturers in the business, who will deliver the highest quality product every time to your specific requirements. All of our suppliers all work to the highest safety standards.

Logistics & Event Management

Whether it is a one off event, a shoot, or a global tour, we provide event management and logistical support. We will deliver all logistical aspects of your programme including storage, transport, shipping, insurance and other aspects of event production.

Marketing Support

We provide specialist marketing expertise in the hot air balloon marketing arena and insight into how to maximise your marketing benefits in this area.

Our in house brand management and experiential marketing expertise, will help you to deliver to your specific objectives.

We work with you to produce the highest quality digital media and support materials. We provide on board video and stills photography, including some stunning aerial and ground to air footage, showcasing your brand like you’ve never seen it before.

Hospitality & Entertainment

If you are planning to entertain VIP guests, we design and set up hospitality areas to reflect your brand. Hot air ballooning evokes a feeling of elegance and luxury and this will be reflected in the overall entertainment package.

We provide anything from a relaxed chill out area to a luxurious champagne reception delivered to exceptional standards by our in house hospitality team.


Passion & Enthusiasm

Most of all we provide you with enthusiasm and passion. Hot air ballooning is a business you only get into if you absolutely love it, and love it we do, but never more so than when it is delivering for our clients above and beyond their expectations.

To find out more about how you can help your brand to rise above the rest, call us on:
(+44) 01403 700 879 or email us at hello@airworksworldwide.com

Hot air balloon marketing offers a unique and exciting opportunity for your brand to stand out from the crowd and quite literally rise above the rest. Flexible, original and memorable, it provides a vehicle for your brand to engage with its target audience in an enduring way. Read more...

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