Why Hot Air Balloon Marketing ?

Hot air balloon marketing offers a unique and exciting opportunity for a brand to stand out from the crowd and quite literally rise above the rest.

As a hot air balloon takes to the skies it is a compelling sight.

There is nothing quite like watching a balloon glide by – it has the extraordinary ability to make people stop and stare..and share!

As a marketing tool it offers uniqueness, versatility and stunning imagery that will be shared and shared again.

From individual tethered balloons at events, to fully integrated marketing programmes, hot air balloon marketing can offer you the tools to stand out from the crowd.


A Simpler Time Meets Now

Hot air balloon marketing can provide a brand with a truly modern marketing tool by harnessing the unique engagement opportunities and imagery that hot air ballooning provides. It combine this with the values, ideals and associations of a simpler time.

Eyes to the Skies

Think about how many eyes will see your brand during just one flight – according to some studies, 63% of people who see a hot air balloon will share their image online.

Not only will the immediate population in the vicinity see it, but it is likely that many of them will also photograph and share that image on social media. Hot air ballooning has unrivalled engagement in terms of social media – we provide the tools to maximise that reach across your target media including imagery and video footage.


Providing a Focus for Your Campaign

Quality, elegance, luxury, simplicity…all values and characteristics you might associate with hot air ballooning. Maybe those are also qualities you want to associate with your brand and your next campaign? We will work closely with you through every aspect of your campaign planning, providing expert advice and creative input to enable you to deliver something truly special.

Alongside some unique imagery for your above the line activities, we can also provide the mechanism for below the line activities including PR, point of sale, and on pack promotion.

Your New Experiential Marketing Platform

Today, everyone is looking for new experiences, and a brand a providing those experiences will harness the engagement benefit amongst their target audience in a much more lasting and enduring way.

In this digital age of technological overload, a hot air balloon can provide the perfect experiential antidote to modern life. Sometimes people don’t even know they need to switch off until they stop and stare or climb on board a hot air balloon. Creating space in people’s lives is something of great value and to associate your brand with providing that opportunity, can reap great rewards.

From tethered balloon flights to bespoke event programmes, we can design an experiential marketing programme right for your brand.


Entertaining in the Ultimate Style

A bygone age of elegance and luxury is also available to you and your clients and VIPs. We know the value of creating the right impression, and provide a five-star pre and post flight environment for corporate, media and VIP clients. From beautiful chill out areas to custom made champagne flight terminals, the only limit to what we can create for you is your imagination.

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Hot air balloon marketing offers a unique and exciting opportunity for your brand to stand out from the crowd and quite literally rise above the rest. Flexible, original and memorable, it provides a vehicle for your brand to engage with its target audience in an enduring way. Read more...

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